Primary Science Network

Pri-Sci-Net promotes inquiry-based learning in science (IBSE) at primary school level by developing classroom activities and a series of  teacher trainings.

The main objeclogotives of the project are:


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. the development of 45 IBSE activities for science teaching in primary schools in 15 European languages;

. organisation of four teacher-training courses at national level (in each of the 13 partner countries)  and three European training courses;

. providing professional recognition for teachers, researchers and trainers through the Recognition for Excellence in IBSE Certificate;

4. setting up a Europe-wide network for professionals and academics in primary science education to provide training and professional support to primary teachers and support them in using IBSE in their teaching. The network also provides a venue for teachers and education researchers to share their experience and knowledge.

The overall aim of Pri-Sci-Net is to establish a European community of primary science educators working within the inquiry-based approach.

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