Designing, imple­menting, testing and formal­ising a process of dissem­i­na­tion in Europe of inquiry-based teaching and learning methods in science and math­e­matics in primary and secondary schools.

The Fibonacci Project

Funded by the Euro­pean Union under the 7th Frame­work Programme the Fibonacci project aims at a large dissem­i­na­tion of inquiry-based science and math­e­matics educa­tion (IBSME) in Europe, through the tutoring of insti­tu­tions in progress (univer­si­ties, teachers training centres, research insti­tu­tions, etc.), by insti­tu­tions with high recog­ni­tion in science educa­tion

The Fibonacci Project will enable to define a blueprint for a transfer method­ology valid for a larger dissem­i­na­tion in Europe. The project began in January 2010 and ended in February 2013

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In the end, 60 tertiary educa­tion insti­tu­tions throughout Europe were involved, reaching 3.000 teachers and 45.000 students

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